Nowadays having an up-to-date global perspective of the world is essential in the decision-making process of the organization. Megatrends conferences and related educational events are an excellent way to acquire a global understanding of the world, and to gain an insightful overview of how the world is going to develop over the next coming decades.

Understanding global megatrends and anticipating its potential disruptive effects has become a critical skill for today's world leaders and decision-makers.

Learning megatrends involves analysing the past and the present world developments, with the aim to anticipate the future. The purpose of anticipating the future is not to predict, since nearly all forecasts will inevitably be wrong. The real purpose is to understand the possibilities so that organizations can make informed decisions, strategies and policies for the future.

MWI Megatrends Talks

Global Megatrends Conference 2019. Courtesy of Nicolás Koralsky.

Through educational activities focused on the study of megatrends, leaders and organizations can strengthen their foresight capacities, allowing them to better anticipate the future and identify the forces of change. Learning how to spot megatrends and keep ahead of the curve has become a crucial capability for leaders, managers, and organizations in the 21st century.