Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is an independent, non-partisan private organization dedicated to advancing the study of megatrends and its potential impacts upon societies. We at MWI strive to constantly research and understand the evolution of global megatrends with the aim of providing insightful strategic assessments on the present and future state of the world. We deliver research intelligence for public and private sector organizations seeking strategic insights for its future plans.

Our goal is to strengthen the decision-making capacity of organizations by providing strategic intelligence aimed at broadening the understanding of the external opportunities and threats.

Our research methodology is a hybrid model based on quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Our work uses a wide range of research techniques and foresight practices, which allow us to deliver evidence-based insights and intelligence.
Interacting Megatrends Approach

We engage with clients in highly sensitive and challenging research projects ―mostly intellectual and complex research― and we work with them in a number of ways depending on their specific needs. Due to the nature of our research works, we only deliver tailored strategic intelligence assessments specifically designed for each client.

We ―governments, organisations, and all of us as world citizens― cannot respond only when the change is already upon us. Our actions must be forward-looking, reaching beyond the short-term demands to long-term implications.