The Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is an independent, non-partisan private organization dedicated to advancing the study of global megatrends and its implications for the future. We are constantly analyzing megatrends with the aim of providing more comprehensive assessments on the present and future state of the world. As a research think-tank, we provide foresight intelligence to organizations —corporations, non-profits, governments, and other entities— to help its leaders better identify potential opportunities and risks.

Our objective is to broaden the decision-making base of organizations by providing megatrends research aimed at better understanding the underlying forces shaping the world.

Our research methodology is a hybrid model based on quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis. Our work uses a wide range of research techniques and foresight practices, which allow us to deliver evidence-based insights and recommendations to support strategic decision-making.
Interacting Megatrends Approach

Organizations, corporations and governments cannot respond only when change is already upon them. Their actions must be forward-looking, reaching beyond short-term demands to longer-term impacts.