In an era of complexities and uncertainties, identifying the most disruptive drivers of change —also known as game changers— has become a critical and demanding task for all kind and size of organizations. Game changers have the potential to radically transform and change the way we live, work and behave.

Game changers are new disruptive forces —in every industry or geography— that emerge to undermine and replace the current reigning paradigms.

Most game changers appear as a result of different interactions between multiple factors. For example, the widespread adoption of the internet and the use of smartphones has changed forever the way people communicate, interact and work.

Game-Changers Smartphones

Smartphones effect on people shown on the crowd in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. Courtesy of Luca Bruno and Michael Sohn.

Disruptive change has become the new normal in our time. Across all industries and geographies, new game-changers are appearing to disrupt the «established order». In some cases, this change is incremental and slow; in others, it is radical and immediate. But all change brings with it new challenges and opportunities.