The world as we know it is being shaped and changed at a breathtaking pace by a set of megatrends that are transforming the global landscape and generating new challenges and opportunities for the future. These megatrends are the underlying forces which currently drive change in every aspect of our lives.

Global megatrends are large-scale patterns or movements that have a major, long-lasting impact upon the planet and its inhabitants.

Global megatrends are nowadays occurring at an unprecedented rate of speed. From rapidly changing demographics to an increasing demand for natural resources and technological progress. If we closely scrutinize these megatrends, we can anticipate that there will be massive changes over the next decades.

Urbanization in China

Satellite images showing the urbanization of Pearl River Delta in China. Credit: NASA/USGS.

Global megatrends will not only determine new public policies and business strategies, but also a transformation in the way that governments, corporations and organizations are led and managed. Certainly, the future will be determined by the evolution and dynamics of these global megatrends.