Megatrends Watch Institute


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    Global Megatrends
    Analyzing the evolution of megatrends
    Megatrends Research
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    Game Changers
    Uncovering the emergence of game-changers
    Foresight Intelligence
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    Megatrends Talks
    Discussing the implications of megatrends
    Megatrends Conferences
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    Future Visions
    Envisioning the future of society
    Futures Studies

Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI)

The Megatrends Watch Institute (MWI) is a foresight think-tank devoted to studying and analysing current global megatrends and its potential impacts upon societies. We provide comprehensive assessments on megatrends to help organizations, both public and private, to better identify opportunities and risks.

Megatrends Research

We offer research-based insights to help organizations identify opportunities and risks associated with megatrends.
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Foresight Intelligence

We develop strategic foresight to help organizations recognize and anticipate the potential game-changing forces.
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Megatrends Talks

We run a series of workshops and talks to help organizations cultivate a foresight mindset among its top management.
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Futures Studies

We provide strategic forward thinking to help organizations create and develop long-term visionary strategies.
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2018 Megatrends Assessment

Once a year, we elaborate an insightful presentation with the aim of providing an overview of the most impacting megatrends ―from shifting demographics, economic cycles, geopolitical issues, and environmental challenges to technological breakthroughs― currently shaping the world. The 2018 MegatrendsWatch Assessment is delivered in the form of a visual document, (1) to better understand the dynamics of change, (2) to gain an overview of the current state of the world, and (3) to provide an internal communication tool for the organisation with the objective to share and validate potential opportunities and risks with the top manangemnt. Please click on the button below to preview the 2018 MegatrendsWatch Assessment.

MegatrendsWatch Presentation (2018 Edition)

Global Megatrends 2050

What Will the World Look Like in 2050 ?

Global Megatrends 2050 is an undergoing research project of the Megatrends Watch Institute which seeks to understand how the future of the world will be shaped. Within the scope of this research is to analyze the foreseeable potential impacts of the global megatrends upon society and the world.
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  • Global Population Growth, 1700-2050

    Demographic Megatrends
    The world's population is currently growing
    at a rate of about 80 million people per year.

  • World GDP Growth, 1900-2015

    Economic Megatrends
    The global economy is currently in the midst
    of a 30-year economic super-cycle.

  • World Oil Production, 1900-2015

    Resources Megatrends
    The extraction of many non-renewable resources
    is currently reaching a peak.

  • Global Deforestation, 1800-2015

    Environmental Megatrends
    We are in global ecological overshoot,
    consuming more than the planet can provide.

Study the past, if you would divine the future

Confucius, Chinese Philosopher (551–479 BC)